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show funders broader impacts

inform peers, policy-makers & the public


with tailored multimedia packages

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Dr. RACHEL SIPLER & DR. Laurie Juranek

Arctic expedition

"Scientists often don’t have the time, opportunity or skills to generate and post the high quality pictures, videos and blogs needed to engage the public from the field. Kim was able to work with all members of our team to generate highly engaging, project-specific materials that went above and beyond our expectations, adding important value and bolstering public engagement and interest in our research.  Working with Kim was a great experience and I will continue to seek opportunities to work with her on my future research efforts."

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Dr. Laura De Santis &
Dr. Rob McKay

Antarctic expedition

"Kim's skill, sensitivity, enthusiasm, curiosity, and intelligence were all good ingredients for producing excellent communication work about our expedition. She did live broadcasts with students, wrote blogs, and made videos that I've continued to use after the end of the research project." 

“Kim's storytelling approach of communicating science was exceptional. Her interviews with the pioneering scientists who conducted the first drilling expeditions in Antarctica 50 years ago, as well as the next generation on the current expeditions, were an outstanding contribution to science communication, and will serve as a unique archive to this scientific field."

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Dr. Adam Smith &
Dr. Paul Marshall

great barrier reef training course

“Kim Kenny has worked as a communication specialist with the Reef Ecologic team between 2015-2017, providing strategic communication plans and products such as video, training and social media. We have been very pleased with her teamwork, communication skills, dedication and flexibility in a very dynamic environment. She has been part of the family and made a major difference for people, reefs and the planet.”

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your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.

My greatest joy is communication - working with people to tell stories. The world’s greatest need is facing climate change - understanding, acting, adapting. I contribute by helping scientists communicate their work. UNINU Communications is where my greatest joy meets the world's greatest need. 


While working on research expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic, I saw the need for a more holistic approach to science communication.

I realized we can show:

  • funders broader impacts;

  • inspire future students;

  • and inform peers, policy-makers and the public

through tailored multimedia packages.

The goal of working together is to bring research to life and give it maximum impact. If this resonates with you, let’s talk.

Kim Kenny


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behind the name

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The name UNINU Communications was inspired by the Union and Intersection concepts in a Venn diagram where two circles overlap - represented as and .

These symbols in the logo and icon are the inspiration for creating UNINU:

Combining communication and science, bringing the scientist and audience together, and producing quality science communication.

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