In September 2016 and August 2017, the research vessel Sikuliaq sailed into the Chukchi and Beaufort seas of the arctic. Scientists from Oregon State University and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science embarked on the expeditions to learn more about primary productivity and nitrogen fixation in the Arctic. 


magazine article

An excerpt from Oregon State University’s research magazine, Terra.

“The ship glides through the frigid stillness of the Arctic Ocean. On this September night, the Chukchi Sea off the northwest Alaska coast is a quiet, snow-globe world. A maze of ice sculptures screeches along the hull. Radio chatter mixes with banter between scientists and the gurgle of brewing coffee.

Laurie Juranek worriedly taps her long fingers on her thermos. Sea ice threatens her carefully laid plan to sample water from pre-determined spots. The map in front of her shows large swaths of ice directly over the ocean patches where she’d like to deploy equipment…”

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WordPress blog, co-managed with an onboard educator both years. Real-time updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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Videos recap the main events, feature specific scientists, and explain research stations.



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Dr. Rachel Sipler & Dr. Laurie Juranek

"Scientists often don’t have the time, opportunity or skills to generate and post the high quality pictures, videos and blogs needed to engage the public from the field. Kim was able to work with all members of our team to generate highly engaging, project-specific materials that went above and beyond our expectations, adding important value and bolstering public engagement and interest in our research. Working with Kim was a great experience and I will continue to seek opportunities to work with her on my future research efforts."