Smart Science Communication


The UNINU Communications mission is to bring science to the minds and hearts of the public, policy-makers, students, funders, and fellow scientists. Our aim is to help scientists be heard outside their niche communities, and to bring a higher level of professionalism and strategic comprehensiveness to science communication.


Bringing scientists, communicators, and their audiences together.

Scientifically accurate information and authentic interactions.

Helping greater scientific understanding.

Constantly learning more about science and communication.

Venturing outside comfort zones to find the best way forward.


behind the name (you-neen-you)

UNINU logo expl.png

The name UNINU Communications was inspired by the Union and Intersection concepts in a Venn diagram where two circles overlap - represented as and .

These symbols in the logo and icon are the inspiration for creating UNINU:

Combining communication and science, bringing the scientist and audience together, and producing quality science communication.


While working on research expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic, I saw the need for a more holistic approach to science communication.

I realized we can show:

  • funders broader impacts;

  • inspire future students;

  • and inform peers, policy-makers and the public

through tailored multimedia packages.

The goal of working together is to bring research to life and give it maximum impact. If this resonates with you, let’s talk.

Kim Kenny



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